Smart Google Play Music

Available for Android, iOS and the web, Google Play Music is even more simple, smart and more customizable. Thanks to a strong component of machine learning, Google Play Music is now designed to be the perfect soundtrack for different times of day. So it will be able to understand the place where you are in, the time and the activity that is taking place and customize playlists based on the music best suited to our tastes.

Google Play Music

In essence, Google claims that the new service will be able to understand what music we like to listen to and when, suggesting a compilation on home TV on your smartphone or if you’re on the move.

The feature is based on technology that Google acquired when it took over the company that app Songza and suggests playlists depending on our musical habits, as well as hour, day or week in which we like to hear them. For example, in the morning, Google Play Music can start the music to wake us up, when we have breakfast as we move or in the office. The benefits introduced by the new Google service will be superfluous for those who already favorite playlists for different activities, but it may also help these users – especially those who are lazy or have
limited time available – in the organization of music.
The latest release of Google Play Music is being distributed for Android, iOS and the web this week and should be available for users of 62 countries, including of course Italy.

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