Meizu 6 Pro

The Meizu 6 Pro is the new smartphone top end of the manufacturer, a terminal presumed to have not only a powerful internal hardware, but also one of the best quality construction market with an extremely thin design and one of the best screens on the market. In addition, now and you can be purchased at a relatively affordable price considering its hardware.

We begin as always with the internal hardware. Meizu installed on its flagship one MediaTek Helio X25 processor, equipped with ten custom kernels by Meizu into three blocks operating at a maximum speed of 2.5 Ghz. This processor is accompanied on the same SoC by a GPU ARM Mali T880 running at 850 Mhz and 4 GB of RAM, plus 32 GB of internal storage, which in this case can not be expanded because the device does not support the installation additional memory card.

Meizu 6 Pro 2

Of course with this hardware power you will not miss the device, and certainly one of the weaknesses (if not the only) is its autonomy, because with its battery of 2,650 mAh and powerful hardware surely not last much more than one day. Of course the installation of a battery of this size has a great advantage in terms of design, and measuring just 7.3 mm thick.
The Meizu 6 Pro boasts of having one of the best screens on the market. Manufactured by Samsung and a AMOLED matrix 6 Pro equips a screen 5.2-inch Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), adding a density of 423.6 pixels per inch. The display is protected by the famous Gorilla Glass 3 Corning solution and has the distinction of having 3D Press technology, a variant made by Samsung and Meizu for this terminal 3D Touch terminals Apple (at least it works exactly the same way).

Meizu 3D Press

To end your hardware should be noted that the Meizu 6 Pro integrates a front camera of 5 Megapixel, while the rear camera is 21.16 Megapixel with double LED flash that presumes to take sharp images even in poor light conditions. We must also mention, of course, its front fingerprint sensor, connector USB Type-C reversible and rapid charging function, and of course its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, WiFi dual-band 2G / 3G / 4G supports LTE with networks of almost any country (those of Spain are supported).

Now you can already buy the Meizu 6 Pro in silver or black at a price of around 302 euros in online stores like GearBest, where as you know shipping costs are included in the price and make sure to do so by means that usually do not give customs problems (on our own experience, six shipments have not had any problems).

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