Matrix PowerWatch

All wearable (with rare exceptions), as a smartwatch and smartband, have a range of a few days or a few weeks, but Matrix PowerWatch is different because it is perhaps the first wristwatch for fitness that must never be recharged because it constantly feeds On the wrist. And ‘the result of a crowdfunding campaign, already successful, and it is right on the Indiegogo page we collect all the information on this bizarre smartwatch.
Matrix PowerWatch uses the thermoelectric technology, or better the Seebeck effect, according to which in a circuit composed of metallic conductors or semiconductors, a temperature difference generates electricity. And in the case of the watch, the temperature difference is given by that of the body and that of the case once the smartwatch is worn. It is not the first device manufactured by Matrix Industries exploiting this principle, but it is definitely one of the few (if not the only) to use body heat to power a wearable device.


 Matrix PowerWatch

We know that the energy generated in this way may not be enough for a smartphone, a tablet or other device of the same (or greater) power, but the smartwatch are usually equipped with low-power processors, smaller screens and batteries from a few mAh. And it is good news, given that the same technology could be used in medical devices such as hearing aids but also for earphones, headsets and other wearable gadgets. The goal of Matrix Industries for now is to raise awareness of the benefits of thermal power, so that the smartwatch itself is considered only a demonstration project for other makers of smartwatch to buy the license.
PowerWatch has a retail price of $ 169 and will be delivered in the second half of 2017. At this time, you can reserve one with a minimum of $ 139 contribution of Indiegogo, but the first units will be delivered (in limited numbers) for July and subsequently for September.

It has very simple functions: PowerWatch is a fitness tracker, which also shows the time, supports multiple dials and tracks physical activity (even swimming), calories burned and sleep quality. The lack of ports made it easier to produce this watch for its water resistance and in fact may work up to 50 meters deep. It can turn into a timer and a stopwatch, and then synchronize all data with the iPhone and Android smartphones. The charge will be faster during exercise, because the body temperature will rise, but when you subtract from the wrist smartwatch will automatically enter “sleep mode” to save energy. You can check the state of charge of a series of notches on the illuminated display.

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