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As we detailed a few months ago, LG has bet on the closure of 2016 by a new high-end mobile to quickly replace its failed LG G5. However, the so-called LG V20 has surprised both its good specifications and the restriction of its initial sale to the Asian market. Now, his plans at international level are beginning to be known.

According to what has been published in the last hours along specialized media is that LG V20 would reach the main markets as it can be the European and perhaps also the Latin American within a very short time. The truth is that their arrival would be accompanied by a series of changes in their specifications.

The West does not like phablets

What LG has recognized for this type of territories is that its catalog of phablets is not attractive at all, and is that although the format of larger dimensions has given good results to other companies, so far the South Koreans do not see it This way and have restricted its sale to North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Thus, it is very likely that the West comes a reduced version of the V20 that would still have most of the specifications of the original model but with a smaller screen. It is even rumored that you could include some details that shone by your absence in your original advertisement such as water resistance.

First Features

LG V34 launched in Japan alone
In short, LG V20 could go down from the 5.7 inches to a more comfortable 5.2 inches, while to lighten also its commercial cost would somewhat limit its internal memory from 64 GB to 32 GB. For the tranquility of users, items like their Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and the 4 GB of RAM would not change.

Finally, it is worth remembering that currently in Japan has been released a model called LG V34 that is just a “younger brother” of the flagship of the brand and that coincides with a smaller panel. We will have to wait a few more weeks to determine if this is really the same phone but under another name.

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