iPhone 8 Plus

Third consecutive filtration that ratifies that the iPhone 8 Plus will have a mega screen and the iPhone 8 will rise until the five inches. This is clear from the latest report generated by Barclays analysts for its customers. According to the report, based on component vendors in Asia, the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus will not only feature OLED technology, but will rise to 5.8 inches. The display of the iPhone 8 will also gain in size, although it would keep the LCD technology.

After knowing that the iPhone 7 would not be the model that would break the deck of Apple, all forecasts have pointed to the iPhone 8 as the breakthrough that Apple needs in the smartphone market. The truth is that the data that are appearing on the Web talk about the beginning of a quite marked change from what has been seen in the last generations of Apple’s mobile. And is that the glass will again take great relevance in the design of the new model, but the screen is postulated as one of the elements on which Apple will focus.


Apple has not yet officially unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – and iPhone 7 Pro -. However, the sector moves very fast. That’s why Cupertino would already be working on the next generation of the popular smartphone. It has all the ballots to be called iPhone 8 and the fact that this generation coincides with the tenth anniversary of the phone, makes it even more special if it fits. To commemorate the 10-year existence of the iPhone, informants familiar with the supply chain speak. They do so on a design and conception radically opposed to what we know today through the iPhone 6s. And is that the multinational studies the manufacture of an iPhone 8 crystal …. Read more

The iPhone 8 Plus screen, a pure phablet

Regardless of the aesthetic changes that may be suffered by the new generation of iPhone, one of the most relevant points of the next version will be the screen. In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus, the display would have more than outstanding news, at least if we value the changes regarding the iPhone 7 Plus. To start, this time an OLED panel with curved edges would be implemented. Although the arrival of this technology is interesting, perhaps more importantly place the increase in screen size. According to the report to which we refer, the iPhone 8 Plus will grow to 5.8 inches, which represents a considerable increase over the 5.5 inches of the current model.iPhone 8 glass

IPhone 8 with five inches
The iPhone 8 Plus would not be the only one in experiencing such growth. Analysts at Barclays also point to the iPhone’s screen rising to five inches. Therefore, growth is similarly at 0.3 inches compared to the 4.7 inches that the display of the iPhone 7.

We almost finished presenting the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus when the rumors around the iPhone 8 do not stop happening. To this day it is difficult to know if we will have an iPhone 8 or rather an iPhone 7s, but in any case the details of the successor of the latest Apple terminals are already emerging with great force. This time we have known new details on the design that will have the new terminal, and that could recall the old models of the Cupertino, such as the iPhone 4s, we will see in detail …. Read more

The housing will not grow in proportion

While it is expected a noticeable increase in the size of the screens of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the report also emphasizes that this novelty will not affect the size of the next iPhones. And Apple will apply a new design that will prevail a display with a reduced screen frame, in addition to optimizing the housing to house the panel without major impact. Curved shelf for iPhone 8 Plus

The information, included in a dossier for clients of the financial firm, would be a way to advance to investors the impact that may have the next generation of Apple smartphones. The same would have been taken from the last trip to Asia made by Barclays workers to the factories in charge of producing components for the assembly of iPhones. Also, it is the third time that a market analysis firm that advances the same change in the next generation of Apple smartphones, which is already indicative with some consistency.

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