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HTC is not going through its best, no one can doubt that at this point. In recent months much of the ground gained by the company has been passed to manufacturers as powerful as Samsung and Huawei, not to mention Lenovo, bq, LG and even Xiaomi. That is why the brand could be putting all the meat on the grill in order to achieve the expected success with its next terminal star, HTC 11.

Now it comes to light a video with a very interesting concept of HTC 11, which includes much of the buzz surrounding the device and already we have known in other future terminals of the company as is the HTC Ocean we were talking about earlier of the month.
The design without physical buttons on the HTC Ocean appears in multiple images
A few days ago we knew the body racks existence of a new range of HTC smartphones called Ocean. The great feature of this new range of mobile lies in the total absence of any physical button on the terminal, which is quite clear with the appearance of several render that show us how would the design of this phone. Here we can see the traditional look in many cases a mobile HTC no button, we will review the images of this HTC Ocean …. Continue Reading

Precisely from the Configuration Tech site we can learn about this design that, for the brand, should be the new HTC 11 based on rumors that have seeped around the device. As often happens with this type of design we have a very modern style smartphone that would be a real innovation as was once the HTC One.

HTC 11 renovated design

What catches the attention of the device shown in the video is undoubtedly the borderless curved screen that resembles the Samsung flagships this year. This front dispense buttons and only would be accompanied by a front camera.

Speaking of cameras, how could it be otherwise, one of the design features of this concept of HTC 11 is the appearance of a camera at the back consists of two lenses, a trend that could say who started the company itself more or less fortunate way with the launch of HTC M8.

The last hope of HTC?

The brand has accumulated several failures that could lead to the death of any other company that did not have behind them the experience and background of HTC. After the good reviews harvested by the HTC One and its sales success, the manufacturer failed to build on that success to position itself in the market and poor sales of both the HTC M8 as the HTC M9 and HTC 10 have made clear that the user expects more of the company.

Smartphone HTC One M9

The first step to rise from the ashes we will see very soon, because this month the next terminal brand to hit the market in the shelter of Android 7.0 Nougat should be presented. We refer to the HTC Bolt, a new mid-range could leave us some clues about what the brand prepares for his next HTC 11.

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