Hisense King Kong G610

Chinese brands are betting big on the Spanish market, and know they must draw the attention of users beyond a competitive price. Perhaps that is why Hisense launches G610 mobile King Kong with a strong mission: to endure all kinds of beatings and mistreatment that an average user can give to a smartphone. And it is resistant terminal water and dust, but also to shock. All thanks to a slightly larger than normal for a 5-inch terminal building, but enjoying all the features of the mid-range at a more than affordable price. A mobile that we could experience first hand and we offer our impressions below.

Rugged phones are not pretty. Bearing in mind this premise, I must say that Hisense intends his King Kong G610 follow the lines of the existing terminals, while riding between them and the phones specially developed for extreme work environments. Something you notice in your shell, reinforced at the top and bottom with sturdy rubber bands to drops and bumps that cover corners. A smart bet for the resistance but that does so much good for your overall design.

Apart from that, I must say it has one body or unibody of 144 x 71.9 x 9.4 mm where it is not possible to remove or exchange the battery casings, and with a total weight of 146 grams. All in plastics, again, try to approach the Premium feeling with imitation leather fabric on the rear or on the sides of the metal housing, but do not quite get it. Thus, it is able to give a first impression of strength and quality materials, even after use and touch, you may recognize different plastics and forced design. While it is clear resistance to shock and tensions, but while recognizing the plastic but mimics the stitching of the back cover or the rivets on the sides. Indeed, one of these metal (left) side, slots for SIM and MicroSD card without using equipment or levers to access them hide. On the right, meanwhile, are the power buttons and volume up and down. The micro USB charging port is found on the bottom to the right side, and the 3.5mm port jack on the top.

hisense king kong

Just do not forget that is a rugged terminal, designed for users with little clumsy or for those who need a mobile that can support a good busy at work, small bumps or falls. That is why this design has not so attractive, but tough. All with IP54 certification so no problem when submerge or soak, but not more than 30 minutes and more than a meter deep.

It is a more than adequate section in a terminal midrange for this price. And the King Kong Hisense G610 has a five-inch panel size capable of displaying images at a maximum resolution of 720 pixels HD. A display with IPS technology that provides a very good viewing angle and clarity in their images, and a density of 294 pixels per inch dpi. Something that offers a good quality reproduction of both photographs as videos. More than enough to enjoy any multimedia content, including games, without being noticeable pixels, but without requiring high-end quality. All they are responding very smoothly and knowing that your glass is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which ensures protection from bumps and scratches. Besides, how could it be otherwise in a rugged terminal like this, Hisense factory includes a sheet of rigid protection provides extra strength. Without compromising its functionality. Apart from this, I must say that frames the screen are somewhat broad, reflecting a rather large for what is customary in a terminal with this size screen design, although understandable if you think the mission to withstand beatings and mistreatment .

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Cameras and multimedia
The photographic section of King Kong Hisense G610 no surprise to the average user. And it is right given the technical specifications and the results we have been getting. Of course, it is criticized other similar midrange terminals and opt for a more powerful component photograph, megapixel sensors more and more choices when it comes to take all kinds of pictures with a more complete application.

In this case, the end has a main 8 megapixel CMOS camera with autofocus and accompanied by a single LED flash. It has an aperture of F2.0, enough for medium quality photos. All mounted on a body that protrudes slightly from the terminal at the back, protected by a single crystal. A lens that offers a good representation of the colors and details in images that are well lit, providing clarity. Something that is accompanied by a fairly agile and precise approach.

hisense king kong

Things change on dark stages. And in this case, the quality suffers if the objects are not well illuminated by the flash or some other light source, although the results are quite acceptable if one considers that it is a mid-range device.

Its front camera, which is often used to selfies and video calls, is somewhat more disappointing. While meeting without fanfare during daylight hours, in bright places, thanks to its 2-megapixel sensor and openness of focus F 2.4, you can reach disappoint overnight. And, in our tests, we have led a number of attempts to get a look selfie not moved or blurred in low-light environments. Something that can be frustrating for younger users, although it can meet the needs of less demanding.

All this makes it through a simple photo application. Simply turn it to take pictures with the button on his clean interface, providing another next to deploy filters or effects in real time. Also, by sliding your finger you may enter its sleep mode or panoramic video recording.

hisense king kong
Photography 8MB full daylight

Video recording is also effective with the rear camera, getting quality Full HD video at 1080 pixels with a new definition of acceptable without wallowing in details and other issues such as image stabilization. It will definitely create home videos and pick moments without emphasizing quality.

Regarding your sound section is noteworthy that comes with Dolby certification. Something that offers quality sound through your rear speaker, but which in practice is overshadowed by an assembly that does not allow all to enjoy. So, this speaker offers a somewhat dull sound, reaching distorted if the volume to the highest level rises.

Power and memory
The performance of this Hisense G610 King Kong is also controversial. Not so much for its efficiency and effectiveness, as can boast with its technical specifications, but for their software, do not take advantage ends. It notes that this terminal has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core chip capable of moving at 1.2 GHz clock speed. A sufficient midrange power to seize any application on time, and with current games that are not particularly demanding. And yes we have detected occasional slowdown in securities 3D graphical environments, but very able to keep running different functions and make them look fluids titles like Angry Birds 2. All without stop working or crash in no time during our tests.

hisense king kong

In addition, it is able to keep running a good amount of active tasks without the fluidity of the system look resentful. Something to help your 2GB of RAM, giving lightness to your multifunction and use of all current applications.

In terms of memory, this Hisense King Kong meets more than enough to offer, as standard, an internal memory of 16 GB, which are actually a few less for the space occupied by the operating system. However, it is possible to extend up to 32 GB more with its slot for MicroSD memory cards. Again, a section that meets to meet the storage of thousands of photos, hundreds of videos and millions of songs.

Operating system and applications
At this point Hisense also appears to have been a bit behind compared to other current midrange devices. And they have chosen Android 4.4.4 KitKat for terminal or King Kong. Something that while offering a truly fluid and capable operation, it is already behind in matters of aesthetics and safety.

Yes, the King Kong G610 has its own layer of customization of Android. A design that allows all applications to the desktop, and can group them in folders, just like in iOS. It also has an interesting notification bar that lets you switch between them and the main terminal settings thanks to a tab. However, it has a big downside: no picks multitasking. So, like other terminals provide access to the list of applications running in the background, this terminal does not. And that does not mean there are no background tasks, it is necessary to click on its icon to get to the point where it left off. Something impractical and also impossible to know how many applications are running and consuming resources mobile.

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It notes that there is a proper application called Clear cache that is responsible for closing all active tasks of the terminal. A double-edged sword that can block the entry of WhatsApp messages or emails. A detail that is not well optimized in this terminal and prevents comfortably jump between applications.

Apart from this, this layer of personalization is especially interesting when the possibility to customize the environment. And it is not only possible to set different wallpaper, but also choose the animation when switching between desktops.

As for applications, the Hisense King Kong comes loaded with the classic tools of Google and some of his own. Among them Firewall, which allows the user to set a filter for calls and messages, and the aforementioned Clear Cache to close background processes.

Battery and autonomy
It is definitely the best rating section that can be carried in this test. And, after several cycles of loading, Hisense G610 King Kong continues to offer up two days of life without a plug. Yes, as long as they pass the sleep mode plane. With its 3,000 mAh battery we have come to squeeze for more than a day and 12 hours of use. All this in a normal mode, with automatic screen brightness, switching between WiFi networks and data without cut off when playing streaming music or play. And even using it regularly for messaging via WhatsApp. Something that is really surprising and convenient today, offering the ability to serve as a good terminal for work or for users who do not want to worry about the battery.

However, its full load is somewhat slow, involving about four hours. But the result is worth it. In addition, it is noteworthy that within the drum sets, you can create different patterns of use to squeeze more cargo, adapting the operation to user needs: activate certain connections such as Bluetooth, reduce screen brightness, limit the use of any of the core processor … So up to ultra saving mode that limits the operation of the mobile phone calls and messages, managing to give a good push over their hours of use

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