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Good, indeed very good news for lovers of high definition and for Chromecasts fans: after the disappointment of last year when Google announced the second generation of its popular dongle support for 4K content, the company during the ‘ event #madebygoogle of 4 October between the new products unveiled also unveiled the third generation of the Chromecast, which finally has support for Ultra HD content. From 14 November Chromecast Ultra is on sale in Italy at 79 Euros through the Google Store online.

Chromecast with support for 4k is called Chromecasts Ultra and, contrary to what was initially expected, this is not ‘just’ a second generation Chromecasts with a new HDMI connector can carry an Ultra HD signal, but also a better WiFi, Ethernet port on the feeder and supports HDR so ‘content to be technologically complete to make happy customers for services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, where already’ available 4K HDR content and Dolby Vision.
The new Chromecasts Ultra is more ‘large and the HDMI connector is more’ often: clear signs that the device is designed to be more ‘powerful. The shape does not change compared to the Chromecast 2015, maintaining its circular design with extended HDMI connector plate and flexible magnet end.

Since launching in 2013, Chromecast has become an HDMI dongle device today present in many homes, because it is cheap and allows you to do many things. This Chromecasts Ultra appears to be a ‘bomb’, able to compete with devices like Nvidia Sield and Xiaomi Mi Box thanks to extremely small dimensions.

In addition to supporting 4K UHD, the new dongle which also offers improved internal specifications and a new design. It keeps all Chromecast features, including the mirroring function to transmit the TV content to your phone, tablet or laptop compatible, and the backdrop to watch on the TV screen content such as photos, social media, news and more.

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Chromecasts Ultra is ideal for those with a TV 4k, offering support for image quality 4K Ultra HD and HDR, greater processing power that provides streaming playback faster than any other Chromecast, as well as a built-in Ethernet adapter.

For those who do not have an Ultra HD TV, watch that buy Chromecast Ultra does not mean having access to content 4K UHD, but Chromecasts Ultra will automatically optimize the content to ensure the highest possible resolution for your TV (if TV FullHD, the maximum resolution is 1080p).

For those who have poor WiFi signal coverage, or who do not want to have too many WiFi signals home, Chromecasts Ultra offers an adapter included in the sales package that allows you to connect Chromecast directly to switch or router to have a fast, reliable connection, required for content UltraHD. Simply connect the included USB cable into your Chromecast, attach the plug an Ethernet cable connected to the router and connect the device. One of the disadvantages is that you have to have the TV close to the WiFi router or switch, and that we must attack the Chromecast into the current. If you want to use Chromecast only via WiFi, you really have to feed the dongle via the supplied power adapter, not via a USB port on the TV.

Chromecasts Ultra is compatible with the following devices with Wi-Fi reception: smartphones and tablets Android 4.1 or higher; iPhone, iPod and iPad iOS 8.0 or later; Chrome for Mac OS X 10.9 or later, and Chrome versions for Windows 7 or later, and Chrome OS. Chromecasts Ultra is compatible with the standard, but in order to play streaming content in 4K quality you must have an HD compatible TV with 4K and equipped with HDMI port, as well as a reliable broadband connection to the Internet HD TV (at least 20 mbps ); HDR content is required to view a TV compatible with HDR. .

Applications with 4k content available for Chromecast Ultra at launch include Youtube, Netflix and Google Play Movies. Regarding the latter service, right from November Google will start to make it possible to rent and buy movies in 4K Ultra HD.

Speaking of prices, the cost of Chromecasts Ultra is $ 69 in the US and € 79 in Italy, available for sale from November 14 on the Google Store. From the day of the presentation to 14 November in Italy – so ‘as in other countries – has only been possible to register for the waiting list Chromecast Ultra, practically useless since November 14 from 18 Italian anyone could start buying the product .

Technical specifications Chromecasts Ultra

Device dimensions: 58.20 x 58.20 x 13.70 mm, cable and accessories excluded
External dimensions (USA / Europe / Japan): 121.5 mm x 126.5 mm x 66.5 mm
External dimensions (UK / Ireland / Austria / New Zealand): 121.5 mm x 126.5 mm x 80.2 mm
power cable: 2 m
Resolution: I have supported all resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and HDR for a quality of high-level images. Note. To watch content in 4K Ultra HD and HDR, you must have a TV 4K, 4K content and an Internet connection at high speed. If your TV does not offer 4K, your content will still be optimized for the highest possible resolution of your TV.

Wireless standard: Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) 1 x 2 MISO for streaming high performance playback
Power. mandatory power supply and included in the Chromecast box Ultra
Ports and Connectors: HDMI connects directly to the TV; Micro USB for power and data; Ethernet port on the feeder for the Wi-Fi access points difficult to reach home
Black Colour
Supported operating systems: Android 4.1 and higher; iOS 8.0 and higher; Mac OS X 10.9 and later
Chromecasts Ultra – First Look

Looking Ultra HD 4K content streaming with Chromecasts Ultra

To watch movies and TV programs as 4K Ultra HD and 4K Ultra HDR using a Chromecast, you need to have: A Wi-Fi or Ethernet stable; An HDTV compatible with 4K; An HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 (on a AVR device or a soundbar, even these devices must support HDCP 2.2); A high speed Internet connection (20 Mbps or higher recommended); palinstesto 4K content providers (you may need a subscription, for example, a Netflix subscription plan); An HDMI cable high speed (recommended length less than 1.8 meters); The power supply provided with Chromecasts Ultra.

Important: Chromecasts Ultra works with HDTV standard, but does support streaming playback of 4K content only in the presence of the above requirements.

Differences 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR

When you buy Chromecasts Ultra, not to complain then unhappy with the product it is good to differentiate what it means to 4K Ultra HD and what difference we have with 4k HDR.

4K Ultra HD: The format 4K Ultra HD (also known as Ultra High Definition or UHD) offers an image resolution up to four times higher than that offered by HD and 1080p. When used with a TV with 4K and 4K content, Chromecasts Ultra offers content in Ultra High Definition (4K Ultra HD): Resolution higher pixels; Video with fewer interruptions; Greater depth of color.

HDR 4K: 4K HDR (also known as Ultra High Definition premium) is a new television technology that promises better picture quality while watching movies or TV shows. The contents 4K HDR offer you: Greater color depth; High brightest lights; Darker blacks and brighter whites; Wide range of colors.

HDCP 2.2 key requirement

What is HDCP 2.2? HDCP is a copy protection technology needed to watch streaming content in 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR. E ‘can watch this type of content only if Chromecast Ultra is connected to an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2. Even the AVR devices and soundbar must support HDCP 2.2 to be able to watch streaming content in 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR.

How to tell if a television and its ports support HDCP 2.2? First of all, you can read the manual of your TV or Soundbar dell’HomeTheatre or in the case of passthrough (Chromecasts connected to one of these in turn are connected to your TV for video output only). If the manual is not indicated if the TV supports HCDP 2.2, HDCP 2.2 points out that the technology could not be supported by all the HDMI ports of TV Ultra HD, you can however seek directly to the device if there is a door with the following labels: MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link); HDCP 2.2.

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